Buying Guide For Laptops

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In recent times, highly portable and convenient laptops have become mainstream as opposed to fixed desktops when it comes to personal computers. Therefore, there are more items to check while selecting a laptop than a desktop computer such as size, weight, display, interface and the performance of each component. Here, we will explain how to choose such laptops.

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It refers to the connection terminals of external devices installed in a personal computer, such as USB terminals, audio output terminals, and microphone input terminals.

Optical Disk Drive

A device that can read and write DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Many mobile models are not equipped.


A recording device that stores the operating system and data and references HDDs, SSDs and eMMCs. HDDs are recorded magnetically on metal disks, while SSDs and eMMCs are recorded electronically on flash memory.

Wireless Network

It has wireless connectivity to the Internet and home networks (LAN) and is installed in almost all laptops. There are various standards such as IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ ax. for high speed communication, please select the products that support .11n, .11ac and the latest .11ax.

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Buying Guide For Laptops

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